Saltwater & Feathers

started in my childhood (I was born and raised in Germany), while lying underneath a grand piano. There, on sheepskin, I would listen and create.

My passion for pen and paper never stopped. It led me through a beautiful journey of living in different parts of this world, going to different art and design schools, and to now having settled here in California with my family.

Saltwater & Feathers- saltwater being the paper, the feather my pen- is a paper goods company that is striving to create environmentally conscious products that deliver a message while putting a smile on people's faces.

I do believe that sitting down and picking up a pen is a gift for the recipient. I do believe that it is an art that should be preserved and celebrated. A handwritten note connects us, slows us down and ignites joy.

Paper & Quality

It is important to us to protect this planet as much as we can by making choices of low impact. Therefore we use 100% post consumer recycled paper for the card stock. We print our cards with vegetable based ink and all of this process is done locally to minimize pollution through transportation.

The cards are packaged in compostable clear sleeves. The boxed sets are being sold in a compostable recycled paper clamshell.

If you see us using bubble wrap or any other environmental damaging packing solutions, rest assured- we have picked them up at a dear local store to reduce their trash and to give the materials one more round of purpose.

Our Approach

to any new design always starts with pen and paper. Most of the designs are then scanned and printed just the way they are. I love and appreciate the handmade feeling and always strive to preserve what truly came onto the paper. 

Most inspiration comes to or through me on a good long run, emerging in the ocean with my husband or while playing with our two beautiful children. I love nature and am constantly inspired by it. I love seeing the world through my children's eyes who pick up drifted treasures on a beach walk. They inspire me deeply.

I am a maker. And I love ink on paper. I could spend endless time looking through beautiful books and magazines. 

I feel very grateful to be doing what I can't even consider work as I enjoy it to the fullest.